Festive Dressing

A little white dress with glittery accessories can work out just fine for saying goodbye to 2014 and welcoming 2015. This was the outfit I prepared for the celebration. Then I got the stomach flu and finished in bed wearing my pajamas. Not a very glamorous New Year’s Eve, but I know that 2015 will be better for me than the last night.

I have lots of new looks prepared for you that I will start posting in the days to come. I hope that you will find your inspiration in reading (and looking at) my posts. That is the reason I’m writing this blog and I’m so happy when I receive messages from you telling me that I gave you some new ideas to try out. With a little help from my friends photographers, Hadi & Olivier (that make me laugh like an idiot every time we work together), I managed to organize better to be able to post more often and keep my blog alive in 2015. Fashion has always been my big love – this blog is my connection with that world and my modest vision of it.

My dear readers, I’m wishing you the happiest new year. Love each other, laugh more, be kind to yourselves, spend more time with people you care about & do more of what you love in 2015. And from time to time, don’t forget to visit my blog. ūüôā


Zara¬†dress –¬†NAF NAF¬†blazer –¬†Jimmy Choo¬†Lance heels –¬†KAREN MILLEN¬†clutch¬†– vintage¬†scarf

PHOTOS by Hadi MOUSSALLY from H7O7 Films



Naked Back Dress

For all my readers, I’m sorry for not posting anything lately. I’ve been very busy. I will really need to organise better if I want to continue to write this blog.

So, here is a dress I was wearing two weeks ago for a wedding party. I find that the naked back gives so much charm to this dress that, even though glittery, appears to be very simple when seen from the front. Since the dress was covering my shoes, I took a picture of them with my clutch so you can have the complete idea of my outfit.

P.S. I apologize for the poor quality of the photos. My clutch was small so I didn’t take my camera with me.


Needle & Thread¬†dress –¬†Jimmy Choo¬†Lance heelsKAREN MILLEN¬†clutch