New IN: Shiny Stuff

December is the most magical month of the year. I love when the streets of the city begin to shine with thousand of colorful lights. Window-shops are nicely decorated (if you come to Paris during the Christmas season, you really must see the window-shops of the Grands Magasins). Even though I like Paris in its festive clothes, I am happy to move to the countryside to celebrate Christmas with my family: to eat a lot of delicious food, to breathe the sea air, to sit by the fireplace in the afternoon with a cup of Christmas tea…

Before I can enjoy all of that, I went shopping for the Christmas presents and along the way I found little something for me that will bring a bit more of that Christmas spirit into my life. Everything that sparkles or glitters can help with that. In fact, I don’t think you should go trough December without putting on something that “glows”. Normally, I’m not a fan of too much of anything. That is why I like to keep it simple and add one or a few details that sparkle. I think that the glittery nail polish or shiny shoes can really make a statement.


Zara pumps – GIVENCHY Le Vernis n°21 Parure Scintillante – GIVENCHY Le Vernis n°23 Folie Scintillante

PHOTO by Hadi MOUSSALLY from H7O7 Films




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