Leather Shorts

I’ve already made a post about leather being a mainstream “fabric” this and a couple of last seasons. So, here is one casual outfit with large leather shorts. Few years ago I could never imagine that I would be putting on these shorts and today I’m wearing them in a casual look with sneakers. Fashion works in mysterious ways. ūüôā

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ZARA faux leather shorts & turtleneck sweater –¬†NIKE free flyknit 4.0 sneakers¬†–¬†Ray-Ban¬†sunglasses

PHOTOS by Hadi MOUSSALLY from H7O7 Films




All Large

Here is one casual outfit that I like to put on just to chill on weekends. Even though I am a big fan of high heels, I must admit that they are not the ideal footwear when you just want to relax and walk around the city on a saturday afternoon. That is why I am wearing my white trainers with this outfit. But if you decide to wear it with your heels, it will also look amazing.

An oversized shirt under an oversized retro brown sweater & boyfriend jeans – just another example of the boyish look that is in this season.

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Zara¬†oversized shirt & boyfriend jeans –¬†H&M¬†sweater¬†Adidas Originals Stan Smith sneakers

PHOTOS by Hadi MOUSSALLY & Olivier PAGNY from H7O7 Films



Jersey Dress

As promised to myself, I’m wearing more dresses this season.

I love this jersey dress because it is so casual and cosy. It’s like a big sweat shirt.

In this look I’m sporting it with a wool coat and my Stannies, but I’m pretty sure that this dress would also look great with a pair of heels.

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Zara¬†dress & bag –¬†NAF NAF¬†coat¬†–¬†Adidas Originals¬†Stan Smith sneakers

PHOTOS by Olivier PAGNY from H7O7 Films



Leather Skirt

For a few seasons already, the leather has gone mainstream. You can see all sorts of garments that are made of it: pants, shirts, tops, coats, dresses and even T-shirts. It is also used a lot in combination with other fabrics on the same garment.

Before, it was not a “fabric” you would see often (only on TV worn by the rock or pop stars), but today you can even put it on during the daytime. Few years back, two only things made of leather in my wardrobe were a jacket and a pair of gloves. Now I wear my leather pants to work and it doesn’t look or feel as something unusual.

I fell in love with this leather skirt from Zara in august but I was waiting for cooler days to put it on. Here it is in an “all black” combination with a sleek turtleneck and my favorite heels.

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ZARA¬†faux leather¬†skirt & bag¬†–¬†Stradivarius turtleneck¬†–¬†Gianvito Rossi for ALTUZARRA¬†banded satin mules¬†–¬†H&M¬†hat

PHOTOS by Olivier PAGNY from H7O7 Films



Turtleneck Sweater

I don’t think we can go trough the winter without a good sweater. If you get a sweater and a turtleneck in one, it is only a plus. I found my favorite for this winter and I think I will be wearing it for the many winters to come.

This light beige turtleneck sweater from H&M Studio Collection unites two fashion trends for this season: it is a bit oversized (but not too much) and has long sleeves. I bought it on their site and I was so pleasantly surprised when I discovered how soft it was. I own some wool sweaters that have a scratchy inside and I always have to put something underneath them to survive wearing them, but this one is so soft that you can just put it on directly on to your skin and go trough the day feeling warm.

The shoulder tabs give a little bit of military look to it and in this post I’m wearing it with boyfriend jeans to achieve that boyish look that is a tendency in a girl fashion for some time now. I added a pointy toe heels to make a contrast and add a classy girly touch to this outfit. If you want to keep a complete tomboy look, then go for flat shoes: white sneakers, ankle boots, moccasins or slip ons.

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H&M Studio¬†turtleneck sweater –¬†ZARA¬†boyfriend jeans & bag¬†–¬†Gianvito Rossi for ALTUZARRA¬†banded satin mules

PHOTOS by Hadi MOUSSALLY from H7O7Films



Maxi Coats

This autumn / winter I have an absolute crush on maxi coats. Can you imagine some other piece of clothing that is more warm and cosy (and of course: stylish) than the ankle-grazing overcoat? Not me! When the temperature goes down, I will go for the total cover up look.

Here are the three maxi coats that I hope I will be wearing soon – in colors that go with everything, from jeans to evening dresses.

photo.PNGjaegerphoto.PNG - copieH&M maxizara2zara1

JAEGER¬†coat 1 –¬†H&M Studio¬†coat 2 –¬†ZARA¬†coat 3